How Progressive Are You?

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Mark LundegrenSince my Natural Strategy method is based on the principle and practice of natural progressivity, or the ongoing seeking of healthier and more intelligent life, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I would ask, how progressive are you?

My question isn’t intended to be political or ideological, but rather practical and personal. It asks about how you live and function each day, and thus steadily over time. And though I pose the question about you, I could (and do in my work) ask the same question to groups, organizations, communities, and institutions of all kinds. And we can even ask this question about whole societies, social trends and movements, and our modern species in total.

While my Natural Strategy method and programs help people better appreciate and more directly pursue our natural potential for more adaptive and beneficial progressive functioning, this crucial natural process can start informally and intuitively. We need only begin to consider, and perhaps discuss with others, the degree and quality of progressivity or natural probing in our lives – and then in our groups and the larger social settings around us.

Here is a short quiz you can use to begin to gauge your current level of progressivity, and also get a sense of some of the practices and considerations I encourage in my programs. Give yourself 10 points for each strong yes, or 5 points for a yes that is a bit less strong, for a total potential score of 100 points.


How closely do these statements describe you today? Give yourself 10 points for each strong yes, 5 points for each partial yes.

1.   When I have to do something I have never done before, I usually feel a sense of adventure.

2.   I generally gather a good amount of information when making decisions, especially big ones.

3.   I have a plan for my life that involves ongoing personal change, and a pretty clear sense of where I want to be in the next 2-3 years.

4.   Most days, I learn something new and valuable about myself or the world.

5.   I deliberately seek new experiences and learning opportunities, or challenge myself with new goals, at least once each month.

6.   I have at least three specific goals I want to accomplish this month.

7.   I am in excellent physical and emotional health.

8.   I regularly surprise myself and often see new sides of me in my thoughts and actions.

9.   I am financially secure today, or realistically will be within five years.

10. I am widely recognized by others as having useful skills and abilities.


In my experience, many of us initially score about 50 percent in this simple quiz – and notably before we have begun to formally explore the Natural Strategy method, and intentionally progressive and naturally health-seeking life, for ourselves.

This common average underscores, but often underestimates, our waiting potential to greatly expand and benefit from the simple but powerful natural progressivity techniques that I teach, write about, and encourage.

Regardless of your initial score, the quiz has served as an initial introduction to important ideas and practices from my Natural Strategy programs. To build on this, I would encourage you to learn more about the Natural Strategy method through the links I have included and my overall website.

Perhaps the quiz has given you specific ideas for steps you might begin to take right away to become more progressive and powerful in your life and endeavors, and to enjoy the many benefits that can come from the Natural Strategy method and naturally progressive functioning.

If you have questions or comments on the quiz, please write to me anytime at I’d enjoy hearing from you very much.

Health & best wishes,


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