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Mark LundegrenI’ve spent the last couple of weeks re-working and improving the early materials on this site, describing my Natural Strategy method and planned workshops and retreats, and speaking and media work.

It’s a work in progress, one that I first envisioned about a year ago while beginning work on the new sixth edition of HumanaNatura. As such, the new materials you see are not perfect or final, but I think they are ready for prime time. In the least, they are good enough so that I cannot use them as an excuse not to start doing interesting strategy posts, and to begin a larger project spanning this new area of focus for me.

If you are interested in following the development of this blog and the larger body of Natural Strategy ideas and techniques it will introduce, here’s a quick preview of what to expect:

#1 Posts – look for at least weekly posts on personal and organizational strategy here…discussing specific techniques and learnings from my workshops, highlighting good ideas and practices when I find them (or they are sent to me), and translating my growing focus on translating the principle of natural progressivity into modern life and work practices.

#2 Marketing – good or new strategy ideas really don’t make a difference until they get into the world and improve the functioning of people and groups. With this idea in mind, I’ll be creating 2-3 marketing campaigns in the next few weeks to introduce my Natural Strategy programs. If you have a similar to-do in your work, I’ll be favoring creativity and a few compelling propositions over large advertising outlays…so maybe my work can aid yours (and vice versa).

#3 New Book – with the new blog ready, next week I will start outlining a new book spanning my seven workshops. I see this project as important not just as a publicity vehicle, but also because the workshops all revolve around some central ideas and have a natural integration or progression to them…but in ways that are not perfectly clear until it is somewhat carefully described. After eight months of intensive editing work on HumanaNatura, I am not really ready for the demanding work (at least for me) of writing again, but fortunately the outlining portion of the book project will take at least until the end of the year. Most likely, I will not put fingertips to keyboard until January.

Feel free to subscribe and follow along as I develop my new blog and begin this larger body of work to communicate my Natural Strategy techniques. And definitely please comment or send a note with your ideas, if and whenever you want. I’d enjoy hearing from you.

Health & best wishes,


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