In addition to his Natural Strategy training workshops, Mark leads intensive Natural Insights strategy retreats – guiding organizational, community, and institutional teams through in-depth strategy, innovation, and planning sessions.

Mark’s Natural Insights retreats are 3-5 day strategy sessions, customized for each client group. The retreats typically explore the group’s operating environment and opportunities for improved progressive functioning, either overall or focusing on specific areas of interest. All Natural Insights retreats utilize the Natural Strategy method and ensure general fluency with relevant strategy tools and techniques. But the retreats are focused primarily on innovation, problem-solving, and improving group performance in one or more areas.

Natural Insights strategy retreats can cover a diverse range of topics, either by design or as needed during explorative strategy discussions. Common areas of focus include: 1) comprehensive strategic reviews, 2) guided group self-assessments, 3) targeted issue exploration and problem-solving, 4) innovation challenges and idea generation, 5) mission alignment and team building , 6) operational performance measurement and improvement, and 7) future strategy development and planning.

Strategy Session Prioritization Worksheet

To help you assess your collective’s needs and the potential scope of a Natural Insights retreat, the 20-point strategic inventory below provides a more detailed summary of potential retreat topics.

We would encourage you to use the inventory not only to consider retreat discussion ideas, but also as a preliminary assessment tool to surface potential critical areas of needed focus. You can do this by assessing the quality of your group, organization, or institution’s current performance quality in each area – using a 1=low to 5=high rating, and thus creating a 100-point rating scale overall.

  1. Self-assessment
  2. Environmental analysis
  3. Mission vibrancy
  4. Strategic vision
  5. Planning acumen
  6. Goal setting
  7. Goal achievement
  8. Problem-solving
  9. Innovation leadership
  10. Idea generation
  11. Piloting & testing
  12. Maximizing value
  13. Optimizing choices
  14. Organizational alignment
  15. Conflict management
  16. Risk management
  17. Mobilization & retention
  18. Work-life balance
  19. Optimizing change
  20. Progressive learning

Mark’s Natural Insights retreats can be held near his home in California or at other locations around the world, based on client needs and interests. Please note that some amount of pre-work before each retreat is typical. This can include preliminary situational discussions with Mark, along with environmental and organizational analysis, issue identification and prioritization,and preparation of participant materials by the client’s strategy team, staff, or advisors.

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