Scheduling Events

Are you interested in attending one of Mark’s Natural Strategy workshops or Natural Insights strategy retreats, or perhaps hearing him speak?

AboutMark is available for one-time and recurring work with groups, organizations, communities, and governmental entities in locations around the world. As outlined on our menu pages, our programs include: 1) workshop instruction in the Natural Strategy method, 2) specially tailored strategy development, innovation, and team-building retreats, 3) panel and seminar participation, and 4) group or public speaking.

Importantly, Mark’s focus on programs and instruction with established groups is a crucial aspect of his Natural Strategy method, since the approach has been shown to better promote sustained learning and development in individuals, collectives, and sponsoring institutions. Mark believes that the best setting for progressive development activities of all kinds is via groups, teams, and learning cohorts, especially ones providing significant pre-program and post-program interaction, information sharing, and learning reinforcement.

If you are part of an established group already and interested in Mark’s personal, organizational, community, or governmental programs, please contact us at for more information or to begin the scheduling process. Initial scheduling steps will include clarifying your group’s areas of interest, needs, goals, and timeframe.

If you are not yet part of a group dedicated to or interested in personal or collective development, we would encourage you to create or join one as soon as possible. Participation in change-oriented groups of this kind can be both valuable and deeply rewarding.

For more information on finding or forming a developmental group, on a stand-alone basis or within a larger organization, we are happy to assist you. Please contact us anytime at