Writer, naturalist, teacher, and strategist, Mark Lundegren is creator of the Natural Strategy method, helping people and groups achieve their full natural potential.


Mark’s first book, The Seven Keys of Natural Life, explains the Natural Strategy method, its origins in natural systems and evolutionary science, its practical application at all levels of modern life, and its potential to renaturalize and transform the way we live today.

Prior to developing the Natural Strategy method, Mark created the HumanaNatura natural health system, a four-part model for natural health promotion in individuals and communities.

Mark has worked as a strategy and innovation leader for several organizations, is creator of the HumanaNatura natural health system, and is experienced in personal, organizational, and governmental program development.

In addition to writing, teaching, and speaking, Mark remains active as a consulting strategist. See our menu tabs for more information.

Please contact Mark anytime with your questions and opportunities at marklundegren.com@gmail.com.

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