Writer, naturalist, teacher, and strategist, Mark Lundegren is creator of the Natural Strategy method, helping people and groups use the lessons of nature to achieve their full potential.


Mark’s first book, The Seven Keys of Natural Life, explains the Natural Strategy method, its origins in natural systems and evolutionary science, its practical application across human functioning, and its potential to renaturalize and transform modern life and endeavor.

In The Seven Keys of Natural Life, Mark explores naturally vibrant and progressive functioning in principle, core observations and lessons of evolving nature from contemporary science, progressive realization of beneficial or healthy outcomes at all levels of life, and our opportunity to revolutionize the way we live today through naturally progressive and health-minded action.

For his second book, Nature’s One Commandment, Mark seeks to expand both popular and technical appreciation of the natural phenomenon of health, its central place in evolving life and systems, and its core attributes, demands, lessons, and opportunities.

Examining twenty-four perennial human ideals, in history and today, Nature’s One Commandment is the philosophical companion to Mark’s more practically-minded Seven Keys. In this work, Mark explores how and why health is the most essential or ultimately selected natural quality or ideal, among all possible qualities and ideals, and the implications for human life, priority, and action in all times.

Before writing these two books, Mark created the HumanaNatura natural health system, helping people and communities achieve superior fitness and quality of life through essential natural health practices. In addition to writing and teaching, Mark is active as an organizational strategy and innovation advisor, natural health advocate, and occasional wilderness guide.

Contact Mark anytime at marklundegren.com@gmail.com.