Nature’s One Commandment

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Mark LundegrenI am pleased to announce publication of my new book, Nature’s One Commandment.

More than three years in the making, Nature’s One Commandment is the philosophical companion to my earlier and more practically-minded book, The Seven Keys of Natural Life. This new book seeks to expand both popular and technical appreciation of the natural phenomenon of health, its central place in evolving life and systems, and its core attributes, demands, lessons, and opportunities.

Nature’s One Commandment begins with the ready observation that human experience is marked by recurring ideals, values, norms, or common aims – from happiness and justice to honesty and growth. These valuations may vary in strength and scope by person and culture, but overall prove persistent and indeed inextricable from our humanity and natural place in the world.

More importantly, the book then explores at length how and why one ideal naturally supersedes, underlies, permeates, and informs all other values and goals, human and beyond. This probing work of philosophy extends my earlier ideas to show that all ideals are naturally nested within and subordinate to life’s most essential challenge – the health or advancement of organisms in time.

In the book, I consider twenty-four perennial ideals, examining how each naturally arises and can aid life, but is not a complete end and even may limit health. Emerging across the chapters are several crucial themes: understanding and measuring health, changing natural value and values, the nature of individuality and sociality, and the natural interconnection and frequent synergy of all recurring ideals.

From beginning to end, Nature’s One Commandment explores how and why health is the most essential or ultimately selected natural quality or ideal, among all possible qualities and ideals, and the crucial implications this has for human life, priority, and action, today and always.

Across this broad exploration of modern and natural life, there are historical and scientific discussions of each ideal, offering the curious reader a rich compendium of insights regarding the ideals and aims that guide us all, each day and across our lives.

Whatever ideals, values, or goals principally drive or inspire you, I would encourage you to review Nature’s One Commandment, and consider its many lessons and central premise that health ultimately waits at the core of all we do.

Thank you for your new or ongoing interest in and support of my work.

Health & best wishes,


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