The Power of Ideas

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Mark LundegrenDo you spend time searching for powerful ideas?

Whether in our personal lives or the organizations we work for, the right new ideas can change the way we think and operate – improving our effectiveness, adaptability, value to others, and even enjoyment of life.

In a word, powerful ideas can improve our health, which is an insight that has become the inspiration of many of my best ideas. This insight says that we can and should think of health more deeply and constructively than we often do. And it suggests we might apply the natural principles underlying all health in creative new ways – for example, in the form of specific strategy techniques – to propel our lives and endeavors forward more effectively and successfully.

If you or your organization would like a new sense of your future possibilities and guidance in making positive steps toward them, I hope you will take a moment to learn about my transformative, health-based approach to individual and group strategy-making. Years of helping people and organizations achieve new situational clarity, greater practical focus, and ongoing progressivity of effort – using techniques increasingly derived from natural systems theory and research into adaptive human behavior – has led me to create a powerful new method for personal and organizational strategy, one that you can immediately use and validate yourself.

My health-focused approach to strategy is science and fact-based, growth and change-oriented, and flexible across most personal situations and organizational settings. In practice, my strategy method reliably fosters surprising but understandable and lasting results – quickly improving short-term focus and effectiveness, while encouraging increasing individual and group awareness, creativity, and adaptiveness over time.

I hope one or more of my strategy workshops or retreats will be of interest to you, and that you will contact me at anytime. I would enjoy hearing from you and learning about your strategic goals, challenges, and opportunities.

Health & best wishes,


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