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Mark LundegrenAs July of 2021 begins, I have begun final proofreading of my third book, and am on track for its publication in early 2022.

Regular followers of my updates will know that the project involves conversion of my HumanaNatura website and natural health programs into book form. Some of this material dates back to 2002 and all of it has undergone multiple iterations over the years. Notably, these changes now include fairly substantial new revisions and refinements to this material, as I have worked to create the book and finalize this extended project exploring modern personal health.

What may be less clear is that the new book also will complete a long-planned three-book series, and in particular will form the first of the three books in the series, even as it is the last of the works to be published as a book. This natural health trilogy of mine is a long-term effort I have been working on for several years, and successively explores nature and health at a personal, social, and philosophical level. The other two books in the series and progression are The Seven Keys of Natural Life and Nature’s One Commandment, each already published but likely to be modestly updated by me during 2022.

HN Screenshot

If you are not familiar with the HumanaNatura website, and its health programs and supporting materials, the above graphic is a screenshot of its longstanding home page. For much of the past twenty years, the site has offered personal guidance and assessment tools for exploring and promoting naturally healthy modern eating, exercise, lifestyle, and community. Most of this material will live on in the new book, and the HumanaNatura website will be closed down with the book’s publication (the website’s companion blog will continue on, however). If you want to tour or download materials from the soon-to-be-retired website – – the next few weeks would be the time.

I will provide another update on the new book, notably including its title, when publication is imminent. In the meantime, expect to find me at work, finalizing this project and moving toward completion of my three-book series, throughout the fall of 2021 and into 2022.

Thank you for your new or ongoing interest in and support of my work.

Health & best wishes,


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